If you need pallets or pallets, then you, of course, got to the right address. The company “PALET.COM.UA” sells only high-quality products that have passed the appropriate testing. Our team of experienced managers can provide you with detailed advice on any question you may have. It does not matter whether you are a wholesale buyer or are going to buy one unit of goods.

Our products are simply indispensable for the transportation or storage of various goods. It is ideal for warehouses for easy storage and quick transportation of products. Given all this, recently the demand for this product continues to grow steadily.

Nowadays, used pallets are very popular. The low price for this type of product is to blame. Buying this product from us, you can be confident in its quality. All pallets are tested for durability and performance. We provide all the guarantees for their durability.

Our company values ​​its reputation. Therefore, when working with different companies, both large and small, we always offer only high-quality goods, so if you buy pallets from us, you will be pleased with the quality.

In addition, we are trying to offer you a European quality of service and Euro pallets that meet all European standards. That is why among our clients there are no those who have any complaints to us. We want PALET.COM.UA to be associated only with something good.

In addition, our company is engaged in the disposal or repair of failed packaging. All operations with wooden pallets, as well as their storage made in covered areas, which allows you to be confident in the reliability of the purchased goods.

The wholesale and retail warehouse in Kiev, which opened in April 2011, deserves special attention. It is equipped with the latest technology and has a variety of loading devices that can significantly accelerate the work, as well as increase its efficiency.

The company “PALET.COM.UA” also deals with the purchase of wooden packaging from major manufacturers. You can learn more detailed information on this subject by talking with our managers. We offer services for self-export or delivery of wooden packaging to customers. All operations are carried out in optimally short terms and at affordable prices. On average, the delivery of products on the territory of Ukraine occurs within 1-2 days from the moment the corresponding order is received.